Names Database

The Summer Winos Names Database is a partial listing of the many unseen (u) or rarely characters (s) with interesting nom de plumes mentioned in passing throughout Last of the Summer Wine‘s history. Due to the proliferation of nicknames, characters are listed alphabetically by their first name, be that real or imagined. We only started to take this seriously around the start of series five, so please feel free to leave suggestions for further entries in the comments section below.

Big thanks to Jakob1978 for throwing in some suggestions!

Auntie Annie (u) –  Started getting festive in August and had a propensity for biting strangers. (Christmas, 1981)

Canon Jamieson (u) – A Tyrant one minute but more than democratic in his ways with the choirboys (Pilot)

Chuffa Enright (s) – Did brilliant duck impressions and used to roll about under Doreen Tattersill. (Christmas, 1981)

Chunky Rumbelow (u) – the object of Eileen Watkins affections. (5.6)

Chunky Wrigglesworth (u) – Used to very carelessly grab great handfuls of Foggy’s trousers, and who was famous for sitting on people at playtime. Had to get married and is now a dentist is Macclesfield. (6.5)

Doggie (u) – Believed that girls had a trapdoor downstairs, which was how babies were born. (Pilot)

Doreen Tattersill (u) – The cock of the school. Chuffa Enright used to roll about underneath her. (Christmas, 1981)

Eileen Watkins (u) – In love with Chunky Rumbelow and a dead ringer for King Farouk of Egypt. Compo used to roll her down a hill. (5.6)

Frank (u) – Relative of Compo who went to grammer school, albeit at 11 o’clock one night..later apprehended in Beumont’s yard about to activate a contraceptive device

Gordon Lippinscale (s) – Nicknamed Splotter. (Christmas, 1981)

Lily Gilchrist (u) – Once picked up by Compo in the Cafe. (4.4)

Murdoch (u) – Drives like a lunatic (even after he’s dead), and never looked right in his Uniform. (4.4)

Muriel Fairfax (u) – Clegg was intimate with her in a sandpit (she let him see her without her vest), later married a breadman. (Pilot)

Nellie (u) – An incredibly prolific mother and possibly Compo’s sister. (Christmas, 1979)

Nigel Hinchcliffe (u) –  Owner of a septic nose. (6.6)

Slack Edna (u) – Woman from whom Compo learnt his boozing skills from and who once accompanied him on a bat-hunting expedition. (5.6)

Susan Anderson (u) – Compo started his romantic career with her, by stuffing broken biscuits down her knickers. (Pilot)

Rosemary Hodgkins (u) – As a girl, Compo put a centipede down her blouse. She later moved to New Zealand. (Christmas, 1979)

Uncle Bill (u) – A relative of Compo. The first attempted conscientious objector in the area, on the grounds that war interfered with his obligations to her at Bogmoor sweet shop. (Pilot)


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